The Fund Your Retirement podcast is designed to inspire you and educate you on funding your retirement. We will be sharing the best strategies, skills, tips and resources to grow your wealth. Lee will introduce you to highly successful investors, traders, entrepreneurs and experts who are passionate about sharing financial intelligence and solutions for income and capital growth.



FYR 012: Why Thinking About Risk Management Is Important

The word risk, according to the English dictionary is a situation involving exposure to danger. How we quantify and assess risk is individual and has a different meaning for each of us, our appetite for risk is based mainly on the environment we grew up in, our parents and society at large


FYR 010: Business Consultant Hywel Discusses Business Planning, Online Networking, and Business Start-Up

Hywel started his career working in the oil and gas industry working on large multi-million-pound projects. Hywel spent many years, organising large teams, attending high-level board meetings, and ensuring these multi-million-pound projects were delivered on time and within budget.
Hywel left the oil and gas business in 2016, taking his immense knowledge, specialising in business strategy, business planning, and business analysis for small to medium-sized companies and start-ups.


FYR 008: Guide to Funding Your Retirement

Watching your net worth increase over the years is a comforting and rewarding experience; it gives a feeling of security and also the freedom that comes when the time is ready, you will be able to do what you want, with who you want, when you want.


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