The Fund Your Retirement podcast is designed to inspire you and educate you on funding your retirement. We will be sharing the best strategies, skills, tips and resources to grow your wealth. Lee will introduce you to highly successful investors, traders, entrepreneurs and experts who are passionate about sharing financial intelligence and solutions for income and capital growth.



FYR 007: Funding Your Retirement During Covid-19

During your journey to funding your retirement, you will experience many setbacks, some setbacks because of the decisions you made personally, when this happens, own it, learn from it, dust yourself off and carry on. Sometimes, situations will arise you have no control over, like the one we are collectively facing now. Developing the right mental framework serves two purposes; it gives you discipline and certainty in an uncertain environment.


FYR 006: Principle Five Income Producing Assets

This is the fifth and final principle for funding your retirement, Income Producing Assets
Income-producing assets are the ability to generate a regular income for yourself after expenses, such as rental properties, stocks, bonds, land, and businesses.


FYR 005: Principle Four Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is far more than starting a business; it is the ability to learn and adapt, which is one of the essential skills to have in life. Humans have always been creative and had to adapt to their surroundings, and today is no different. The world is changing and is requiring adaptation.


FYR 003: Principle Two Strategy and Action

Strategy and Action is a vital principle in the five because it is the ability to strategize and plan your way to financial self-sufficiency. It is about turning the information into action, and turning your goals and ambitions into reality.


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