The Vision

Establish Fund Your Retirement as a leading destination to learn about investing and finance, helping millions of people with a sustainable wealth-building strategy and a prosperous retirement.

What We Do

Through our expert hosts and podcasts, we strive to create, curate, and distribute top-quality content for our audience. Our goal is to inspire, educate and connect you with experts in the field of investing, and personal finance giving you the platform to fund your eventual retirement.

Why We Do It

Quite simply, if we don’t have income from capital assets (e.g. the financial markets, real estate, money, patents, income-producing assets and businesses) then we are left in the position of selling our time (our labour) in order to survive.

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of content. The number of blogs, newsletters, and YouTube channels is staggering. While this content explosion has largely been a net positive, it is now challenging to find and aggregate the best information.

Fund Your Retirement partners with some of the smartest minds in the finance and investing world to ensure that everything we produce is worth your time and is the most efficient way for you to learn. 

Meet Your hosts

Maynard Paton

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on quality and good management

Chris Boxall

Host of The Fundamental Asset Podcast focused on IHT planning and UK small-caps

Roland Head

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on reliable dividends and value

Bruce Packard

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and value.

Lee Cleasby

Host of The Fund Your Retirement Podcast focused on bringing you experts in finance

Mark Simpson

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and deep value.

Our Podcast Shows

Listen to our podcasts hosted by experienced investors