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FYR 016: Currency Investing Basics Part One


Currency investing basics, part one has been created to expand your Financial IQ covering the basic principles of investing in the foreign exchange markets.
As with any free market, the basic premise is supply and demand; when an abundance of investors buys a currency, a shortage of the currency is created, increasing the value and price. When they sell a currency, an oversupply is created, causing the demand for the currency to decrease, suppressing its price and value.
The first step is to think of trading and investing as a business, and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. There is no short cut if you need quick money; this isn’t the place for you.

Timestamps as follows:

▸0:00 to 1:13 Introduction.
▸1:14 to 2:15 The new normal and Funding Your Retirement.
▸2:16 to 3:20 Investing and trading is a business, free markets, and supply and demand.
▸3:21 to 4:15 Basic principles of why a currency chart rises and falls.
▸4:16 to 5:13 An everyday example od using the currency markets.
▸5:14 to 6:06 The different currency pairs and cross pairs.
▸6:07 to 8:12 Profiting from a rising and falling currency pair.
▸8:13 to 9:21 Investing and trading are like running a business, and casinos are where you go to gamble.
▸9:20 to 10:36 Wrap up.

Have a wonderful day.
The FYR team.