The Fund Your Retirement podcast is designed to inspire you and educate you on funding your retirement. We will be sharing the best strategies, skills, tips and resources to grow your wealth. Lee will introduce you to highly successful investors, traders, entrepreneurs and experts who are passionate about sharing financial intelligence and solutions for income and capital growth.



FYR044 How to Retire and Enjoy Yourself with Chip Stites

Chip Stites is a Retired Investment Advisor and a Retired Certified Financial Planner from the US helping people reframe what retirement means so they can enjoy a happy and fulfilling retirement. You may be surprised that many do struggle to make that transition both mentally and financially as you will hear from Chip.


FYR043 How to Pick Winners in the Junior Mining Space with Simon Popple

Part two with Simon Popple. Simon share’s how to pick the winners in the junior mining space so you can diversify your portfolio and fund your long-term retirement. In this episode, we will take a deep dive into the system and strategy that Simon Popple uses in the commodity mining space for unearthing gems like Chalace, and Arizona Lithium.


FYR042 Investing in commodities with Simon Popple

Simon Popple believes commodities should be a core component of every investor’s portfolio, because one, you can’t print them and two, they are the raw components that make the things we use in our daily lives. This will be the first of a two-part interview with Simon Introducing investors to commodities – so they can diversify their portfolio and retire earlier.


FYR039 Happy New Year and Best Wishes

Happy new year and welcome to the first podcast episode of 2022. Our intention for 2022 is to continue that theme and bring you the best guests, who are passionate about sharing financial intelligence and strategies for income and capital growth both in the traditional sense of funding your retirement and alternative strategies for achieving that goal.


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