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FYR 020: How to Analyse the Global Currency Markets Part Four


How to analyse the currency markets, part four of this mini-series on currency investing. During this episode we cover the very important topics of:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Seasonality

Timestamps as follows:

▸0:00 to 0:51 Introduction.
▸0:52 to 1:15 Review of last week’s episode with fund manager Mike Andrews.
▸1:16 to 1:57 Two main approaches to currency investing.
▸1:58 to 3:49 What is technical analysis.
▸3:50 to 5:08 What is fundamental analysis.
▸5:09 to 6:00 What is sentiment analysis.
▸6:01 to 7:51 What is seasonality.
▸7:52 to 8:33 For the inexperienced trader or investor.
▸8:33 to 8:55 Touching on risk management.
▸8:55 to 10:09 Wrap up.

Have a wonderful day.
The FYR team.