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FYR 017: Currency Investing the Fundamentals Part Two


Welcome to part two of this mini-series on currency investing, in this episode we will be covering the very important topics of

  • The size of the currency markets and the meaning of market liquidity.
  • Who uses the currency markets and why?
  • The fundamentals and how they impact currency valuation.

In the last episode part one of currency investing, we covered the basic principles of why currency prices rise and fall, how we profit from arising as well as falling currency market, and the different currency pairs, the majors, minors, and the cross pairs. Hopefully, the episode helped you understand a little more about the biggest and deepest pool of financial capital on the planet.

Timestamps as follows:

▸0:00 to 1:05 Introduction.
▸1:06 to 1:32 Size of the currency markets.
▸1:33 to 2:33 What is market liquidity and why it is important.
▸2:34 to 3:03 Peak liquidity in the currency markets.
▸3:04 to 3:58 Who uses the currency markets and why.
▸3:59 to 4:43 How central bank policies effects currency valuations.
▸4:44 to 5:49 What is fundamental analysis in the currency markets.
▸5:49 to 7:26 Discussing next week’s episode and wrap up.
▸9:20 to 10:36 Wrap up.

Have a wonderful day.
The FYR team.