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FYR 013: Paul is an offshore O&G worker, a business owner, a trader and is funding his retirement


During this episode, we are delighted to have Paul Pattison on the show. Paul is a Husband, a farther, a landlord, an offshore oil and gas worker, a currency trader, and an entrepreneur with a successful business, Kilted Coffee, which he set up in 2018 with his wife.

Paul and his wife are both lovers of coffee and they noticed a gap in the market, the lack of excellent coffee in their home town and the demand for tasty, speciality coffee from their friends and the wider community.

They researched the possibility of importing speciality coffee and what was required for the distribution; they assessed the numbers and created a business plan and launched Kilted coffee in 2018, and today it is a thriving little business.

I wanted to bring Paul on the show because I believe business start-ups and entrepreneurship will explode over the next ten years. Paul has created a lovely little business while working full time, which is what this show is all about.

▸0:00 to 1:30 Introduction to Paul and Kikted Coffee.
▸1:31 to 4:47 When Paul started in the O&G industry and his offshore journey.
▸4:48 to 8:35 Where Paul’s entrepreneurial spark came from.
▸8:36 to 9:30 When Paul’s trading journey began and the mind-set.
▸9:31 to 10:20 Creating the business plan and assessing the risk of setting up a business.
▸10:21 to 12:21 Presenting the business plan to potential investors and crunching the numbers.
▸12:22 to 14:27 Paul’s perception of debt and making money work for him.
▸14:28 to 17:05  Intelligence, trading, drive and passion.
▸17:06 to 19:25 Advice on getting started in business, where to begin.
▸19:26 to 20:21 Doing market research for Kilted Coffee and fro any new business idea.
▸20:22 to 21:40 Good advice on having a professional accountant assess your business numbers.
▸21:41 to 25:35 The best distribution channels for building Kilted Coffee.
▸25:36 to 28:05 How the right people showed up at the right time.
▸28:06 to 33:29 Kilted Coffees philosophy, the coffee farmers, ethics, training and where to find a sample.
▸34:06 to 35:59 Wrap up.

Have a wonderful day,
The FYR team.