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Introducing Roland Head

Roland is the co-host of The Private Investor's Podcast and is a full-time investment writer and equities analyst, with a focus on dividends and quality companies.

meet Roland head

Roland been investing since 2007 and is an experienced investment writer and analyst. He has written for Stockopedia since 2015 and also contributes material to Investor’s Champion and other investor websites.

His personal investment strategy is built around using a systematic approach to build a portfolio of high-quality dividend shares with above-average profitability and cash generation. He analyses the progress of his companies in a regular dividend newsletter.

Roland's Interview on the FYR Podcast

Roland shares his investing approach and the catalyst that inspired Roland Head to start his investing journey in 2007.

Key Topics Covered: 

  1. Roland’s investing style and strategy.
  2. Why Roland focuses on dividend income.
  3. What metrics does Roland focus on when investing in a company?
  4. How Roland is managing his portfolio given the current economic situation.
  5. How does Roland know it’s time to sell or re-balance his portfolio?

lISTEN TO roland ON THE private investor's PODCAST

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