The Fund Your Retirement podcast is designed to inspire you and educate you on funding your retirement. We will be sharing the best strategies, skills, tips and resources to grow your wealth. Lee will introduce you to highly successful investors, traders, entrepreneurs and experts who are passionate about sharing financial intelligence and solutions for income and capital growth.



FYR062 How to Engineer Your Early Retirement: Paul Belanger

Paul Belanger is back with us to talk about his new book Evidenced-based wealth – How to Engineer Your Retirement. For those who don’t know, Paul is PHD chemical engineer who became finically independent at 50, hence the title how to engineer your early retirement. The book is essentially a manual on how to achieve financial independence.


FYR061 Mark Atkinson: How do you know if you are cut out to be a private investor?

Private investor Mark Atkinson has been investing since the mid-80s. Mark is a self-directed private investor who achieved financial independence at the young age of 53, living full time off his stock portfolio of 36 stocks. In this episode, Mark answer’s the common questions we received after our first podcast chat such as: How do I know if I am cut out to be a private investor? Why does he invests in stocks and not funds and is holding 36 stocks too many?


FYR060 Andrew Craig | Financial Literacy Part Two – Inflation and Government Pensions

Financial Literacy with Andrew Craig. In part two Andrew delves deep into what is the real cause of inflation and the cost of living crisis. Andrew also shares a brief history of the pension system and what has gone wrong with the government pension system, and why should not rely on it for your future financial security. While conversation starts off by looking at the flaws in the system. The conversation moves on to a brighter future than many realise, from the growth of the stock market, the long tail of the internet that we are now witnessing, and new emerging technologies.


FYR059 Andrew Craig | How Financial Literacy Can Make You Wealthy

Financial Literacy with Andrew Craig, Part 1. Andrew is an ex-investment banker, founder of plain English finance, and author of Amazon best-sellers, How to own the world and live on less, invest the rest. Andrew believes the reason so many people struggle financially is, very simply, because they have never learned enough about money or financial markets.


FYR058 Maynard Paton | Full Time Investor

Maynard Paton is a Former share tipster and investment writer for the Motley Fool and has been investing in shares for 25+ years, becoming mortgage-free at 40 and leaving 9-5 working at age 43. Maynard is well-known investor in the UK small-cap arena and shares some great insights about his own strategy he calls RAMP which stands for respectability at a modest price.


FYR057 Entrepreneurship & Buying 1m-£5m Engineering Businesses | Bethan Jepson

Bethan Jepson is an award-winning entrepreneur who has grown multiple six-figure companies, from legal to recruitment and is now a partner with Allied global engineering where Bethan and her team acquire engineering businesses from retiring founders, having already acquired two businesses in the past 12 months that turn over £4.7 million. Bethan is here to talk about entrepreneurship and acquiring established businesses from retiring founders as a means of generating outsized returns.


FYR055 Dominic McLoughney: Retire with Clarity and Confidence

Dominic shares his passion, knowledge, and insights from helping people achieve the goal of funding their retirement with clarity and confidence over his 15-year career. Dominic believes in combining the financial plan with the most suitable wealth engine that suits your circumstances so you can retire with clarity and confidence.


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