The Fund Your Retirement podcast is designed to inspire you and educate you on funding your retirement. We will be sharing the best strategies, skills, tips and resources to grow your wealth. Lee will introduce you to highly successful investors, traders, entrepreneurs and experts who are passionate about sharing financial intelligence and solutions for income and capital growth.



FYR070 Mark Bentley Shares His Best and Worst Investments From His 30+ Years as a Private Investor

Mark Bentley has been a full-time stock market investor since 2004, having pursued investing as a rewarding hobby for 20 years previously. Some of the stand-out talking points were Mark shares in detail some of his best investments and how he came across them. Some of Mark’s worst investments and what he learnt from them. Two stocks Mark has high hopes for today and the reasons why and why does 60% of Mark’s portfolio consist of investment companies?


FYR069 UK Small-Cap Investing With Fund Manager Chris Boxall

Chris shares some of his best investments in the last 20 years, which he still holds to this day, and weaved throughout the conversation a handful of companies he has high hopes for presently. Chris Boxall is the co-founder, and the director of Fundamental Asset Management with primary responsibility for equity research and management of client portfolios, including the high-performing AIM portfolio services. Chris specialises in UK small-cap investing with over 20 years of experience operating in this area as a fund manager and as a private investor.


FYR068 Bruce Packard Top Five Holdings and Current High Convictions

Bruce Packard talks about the advantages amateur investors have over professionals and how he believes amateurs can outperform most Professional fund managers, he talks about his top five holdings, his latest current high-conviction positions, his biggest investing mistakes, and much more. Bruce regularly writes for share pad, money week and his blog site Bruce


FYR067 Investing In Investment Trusts with Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis is the founder and host of Moneymakers, a weekly podcast show dedicated exclusively to following the latest news and developments in the investment trust sector. Jonathan is a private investor and has been writing about the financial markets for some of the major national publications such as the times, the economist, the independent and the financial times for over four decades. Jonathan’s main interests are in “big picture” investment issues – asset allocation, Investment trust strategy and fund selection – but he also invests in private and listed equities where he sees exceptional opportunities.


FYR066 Deep Value Investing with Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson is a deep-value investor and has been investing in individual stocks since 2003. Over the last decade, Mark has generated a 19% compound annual return following a Value methodology. He has achieved this out-performance by developing a strategy that plays to his unique strengths and overcomes his weaknesses, in particular finding practical ways to overcome behavioral biases. Mark shares his investing journey and demonstrates his stock-picking methodology by breaking down a company from his portfolio that he has a high conviction in.


FYR065 Investing for Dividend Growth with Roland Head

Roland Head is a UK equity income analyst with a particular focus on investing for dividend growth. Roland is here to talk about his investment approach and some of the lessons he has learnt over the many years as a private investor and shares one of the strongest convictions in his portfolio. Roland has been investing since 2007 and is an experienced investment writer and analyst writing for Stockopedia since 2015, and regularly contributes to Investors Champion and the Motley Fool as well as many other well-known investor websites.


FYR064 Lord Lee of Trafford: How To Make a Million Slowly

Lord Lee of Trafford holds the accolade of becoming the first ISA millionaire in 2003. Lord Lee is a well-known and respected private investor who has been investing in the UK small-caps very successfully for many decades. During this interview; Lord John Lee reflects on his many years of investing and discusses the types of businesses he invests in, why he likes AGMs, how he assesses management, his top five holdings and the recent 30% drop in one of his largest holdings, Treatt


FYR063 Joe Kuhn Retired at 54; how’s it going now?

Joe Kuhn had a successful career as an operations manager and chose to retire at the age of 54. During this conversation, Joe shares what surprised him the most about leaving the work environment and living off his investments, and hows it going now? Joe also shares what he did to build his portfolio of investments that enabled him to retire at 54. Joe shares many more insights about his journey toward retirement and into retirement.


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