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FYR064 Lord Lee of Trafford: How To Make a Million Slowly


Lord Lee of Trafford holds the accolade of becoming the first ISA millionaire in 2003. Lord Lee is a well-known and respected private investor who has been investing in the UK small-caps very successfully for many decades.

During this interview; Lord John Lee reflects on his many years of investing and discusses the types of businesses he invests in, why he likes AGMs, how he assesses management, his top five holdings and the recent 30% drop in one of his largest holdings, Treatt

Lord Lee is a published author, published his first book, “How to make a million slowly” in 2013 and more recently in 2019 he published “Yummi yoghurt the first taste of stock market investment” aimed at helping the younger generation to get involved in the stock market.

Lord John Lee left the Conservative Party in the 90s, and joined the Liberal Democrats in 2001, he was appointed to the House of Lords as a Lib Dem Peer in 2006 where he continues to sit today.


0:00 to 109 Introduction.

1:10 to 2:09 The catalyst that started Lord John Lee on his investing journey.

2:10 to 2:42 Lord Lee’s investing style and strategy overview.

2:43 to 5:35 The types of businesses Lord Lee invests in.

5:36 to 6:26 How Lord Lee resists the temptation of the new hot stock or hot market.

6:27 to 9:00 How Lord Lee assesses the management of the companies he invests in.

9:01 to 10:02 Why Lord Lee likes AGM,s.

10:01 to 10:36 The metrics Lord Lee looks for in his accounts

10:37 to 11:31 How often does Lord Lee re-balance his portfolio?

11:32 to 12:45 How Lord Lee managed the 30% drop in his largest holding Treatt (TET)

12:46 to Lord Lee’s top five holdings.

14:20 to 15:01 Lord Lee talks about transitioning to dividends for income.

15:02 to 16:30  Looking at small-caps for take-over potential.

16:31 to 18:01 Does Lord Lee top-slice or take profits, and if so how and when.

18:02 to 19:35 Lord Lee’s investing mistakes.

19:36 to 21:10 How does Lord Lee hold on to these companies for so long; multi-decades?

21:09 25:00 Lord Lee’s journey to becoming the first UK ISA millionaire.

25:01 to 28:15 The power of reinvested dividends.

28:16 to 31:39 Why Lord Lee wrote both his books How to Make a Million Slowly and Yummi Yoghurt: A First Taste of Stock Market Investment.

31:40 to 33:20 Should you borrow to invest?

33:21 to 36:03 Closing thoughts and wrap up.

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