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FYR067 Investing In Investment Trusts with Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis is the founder and host of Money Makers, a weekly podcast show dedicated exclusively to following the latest news and developments in the investment trust sector. Jonathan is a private investor and has been writing about the financial markets for some of the major national publications such as the times, the economist, the independent and the financial times for over four decades. Jonathan is also a published author, authoring the very popular and successful book The investment Trust handbook which is now on its 6th edition.

Jonathan has also held several advisory roles, including Saunderson House, a fee-based wealth management firm, where he was a senior adviser on investment strategy and research. Smith & Williamson where he was a strategist and investment director. Non-executive directorships have included Hargreaves Lansdown and Jupiter UK Growth Trust.

Jonathan’s main interests are in “big picture” investment issues – asset allocation, Investment trust strategy and fund selection – but he also invests in private and listed equities where he sees exceptional opportunities.

Jonathan shares his investing journey and demonstrates why he believes investment trusts are a superior investment vehicle compared to other types of funds.

Jonathan shares his thoughts on:

  • What are investment trusts?
  • Why does Jonathan champion investment trusts?
  • What is the difference between funds and trusts?
  • What are the fees for investment trusts?
  • What are the metrics Jonathan looks for when searching for investment trust opportunities?

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a wonderful day.

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