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FYR069 UK Small-Cap Investing With Fund Manager Chris Boxall


Chris Boxall is the co-founder, and the director of Fundamental Asset Management with primary responsibility for equity research and management of client portfolios, including the high-performing AIM portfolio services. Chris specialises in UK small-cap investing with over 20 years of experience operating in this area as a fund manager and as a private investor.

Prior to Fundamental Chris oversaw activities at the Washington Financial Group, where he was a Director and a key member of the investment management team of the Washington US Fund Ltd, a successful equity fund.

While Chris’s main responsibility is his role as director of Fundamental assets, he is also the co-founder of Investor’s Champion an investment research website covering companies, funds, economics and the hottest topics in global investment.

Chris discusses;

His investing journey

The inheritance tax breaks on AIM

how investing in AIM companies has changed over the last 20 years

the differences between being a private investor and a fund manager

Some of his best investments in the last 20 years, which he still holds to this day

and weaved throughout the conversation a handful of companies he has high hopes for presently, and of course much much more.


0:00 Introduction

1:30 How Chris got started on his investing journey

2:30 What type of investor is Chris Boxall

4:00 Why does Chris focus on the UK small caps on AIM

6:30 Inheritance tax breaks on AIM-listed stocks

8:15 Potential threats to the Inheritance tax breaks on AIM-listed stocks

9:30 How the AIM market has evolved over the last 20+ years

11:45 Two companies that worked out very well for Chris and why

16:30 Two companies Chris holds a high conviction in presently

20:00 Chris’s view and experience on meeting many CEO’s and founders over the last 20 years

24:00 Chris’s view on the AIM market

28:00 Chris on international stocks on AIM

29:45 Advice on becoming a fund manager, if that thought has crossed your mind

35:15 Why did Chris co-found Investors Champion

38:15 Closing thoughts and wrap up

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a wonderful day

The FYR Team

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