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Host of The Fundamental Asset Podcast focused on IHT planning and UK small-caps

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Host of The Fund Your Retirement Podcast focused on bringing you experts in finance

Mark Simpson

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and deep value.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

ILT002 | Finding an Investing Strategy that Suits You, Value vs Growth, Quality Investing, UK vs Global & Investing at IPO, with Judith & Rosemary | Part Two

In part two of this six-part series, Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard share their investing style and their investment philosophies. They discuss the importance of finding an investing strategy that suits your personality and the resources to help you discover yours. For example, Rosemary shares how her everyday habits fit her investing style as a quality investor. They discuss value investing vs growth investing and share their thoughts on investing at IPO, how dividends fit into their investment philosophy and investing in the UK vs the global market.


ILT001 | Investing For The Long Term with Judith & Rosemary: Part One of an Investors Journey

Join Judith and Rosemary as they peel back the veil and share their guiding principles and experiences from careers spanning multiple decades in the finance industry as investment fund managers. In this first part of a six-part series, Judith, and Rosemary share how they got started in finance and some of their experiences as women in finance.This was a real insight into two seasoned fund managers and what it was like for them in their early careers during the late 80s and early 90s.


TFA004 Are UK Shares Cheap Right Now or One of The Worst Places to Invest?

Today’s episode is less about individual companies and more about the wider investing concerns around UK PLC and what could be done to help the UK become more attractive for individual investors and more attractive for companies to list here. Chris covers a wide range of concerns and solutions that could help improve conditions for investors, and the companies that list here.

Fund Your Retirement Podcast

FYR074 | Graham Neary on Running a Concentrated Portfolio, UK vs US, Averaging Down, & Fixed Income

Graham Neary is a full-time private investor, and an investment analyst for Stockopedia writing the Small Cap Value Report along with Paul Scott. Graham is also the founder of the Investors Institute where he helps private investors navigate the markets and upgrade their investing IQ. Graham began his career on the sell-side as a fixed-income analyst, before moving into the buy-side as an equity portfolio manager.


VTP005 Inflation Figures, UK Small-Caps News, Commodity Producers & Value vs. Quality

Bruce Packard and Mark Simpson discuss two of our most recent additions to our portfolios. UK inflation figures and whether the corresponding market moves are logical or not. We touch on house-builders and building product suppliers. How much investors should pay for quality companies such as Games Workshop? Companies discussed include Reach (RCH), Games Workshop (GAW), Anglo-Eastern Plantations (AEP), M.P. Evans (MPE), National World (NWOR) and many more.


FYR073 | 303% Return vs FTSE All share of 125%, Dividends, Stop Losses & Getting Started with John Rosier

John Rosier is a former city fund manager turned esteemed financial writer who runs the model portfolio. The JIC Portfolio which John started in 2012 has returned 303% vs, the FTSE all share of 125% over the same period. During this episode, John shares his investment approach and the value of keeping a detailed investment diary. John discusses the importance of dividends, which have grown from £2,000 a year to a projected £29,000. Finally, John shares what he would say to those who are just getting started.


TFA003 Success Stories, Clean Reporting, Patient Investing & Acquisitions |Chris Boxall

Chris Boxall discusses three recent success stories: Castings (CGS), with squeaky clean reporting and a nice dividend. Kooth (KOO), wins a big contract with the state of California and Kitwave (KITW) just keeps going from strength to strength. In a sea of constant negativity, there are some shining lights. In contrast at the other end of the scale, Chris discusses Marlowe (MRL) and Gooch & HouseGo (GHH) who have been on an acquisition bonanza of late.

Fund Your Retirement Podcast

FYR072 Investing in Quality Businesses, Investor Red Flags and When to Cut | Rosemary Banyard

Rosemary Banyard is an award-winning fund manager specialising in UK medium and smaller companies with over 30 years of experience in understanding business models, industry structures, barriers to entry, and risks, on both the buy and sell side. Rosemary talks about her investing journey and how it has evolved over the years from investing in quality businesses to sharing some of her best investments, and some not so good. Rosemary shares her guiding principles, Investor red flags to look out for in company accounts and of course much, much more.


VTP004 UK Small-Caps, Artificial Intelligence Mania, Using Stop Losses & Investor Red Flags

Bruce Packard and Mark Simpson discuss artificial intelligence, UK small-caps DX Group (DX), Bruce’s recent purchases of Frontier Developments (FDEV) and the most recent addition to Mark’s portfolio Paypoint (PAY). Other key topics were, how to potentially play the artificial intelligence mania, attending Mello and listening to Lord Lee present. When is the right time to use stop losses, broker forecasts and investor red flags to watch out for?

Fund Your Retirement Podcast

FYR071 UK Macro View, Stock Analysis & Timing | Neil Shah Director of Research at Edison Group

Neil was a fantastic guest sharing many valuable insights that would benefit the experienced investor and the new investor. During this conversation, Neil shares the macro view of the UK stock market, including insights from Neil’s extensive network of fund managers. Neil Shah is the director of research at Edison Group, an investment research and advisory company with over 80 investment analysts spanning the globe.


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