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Maynard Paton

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on quality and good management

Chris Boxall

Host of The Fundamental Asset Podcast focused on IHT planning and UK small-caps

Roland Head

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on reliable dividends and value

Bruce Packard

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and value.

Graham Neary

Host of The Value Trapped and Investors Round Table Podcast

Mark Simpson

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and deep value.

Rosemary Banyard

Host of the Investing For The Long Term Podcast Series.

Lee Cleasby

Focused on bringing you experts in finance and the markets.

Judith Mackenzie

Host of the Investing For The Long Term Podcast Series.

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TFA006 Paul Johnson on Pensions, Ageing Population & Government Spending

In today’s episode director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies Paul Johnson shares the true cost of running Britain. Paul explores taxes, pensions including auto-enrollment, the ageing population, and the future of the state pension. Paul is perhaps one the UK’s best-known economists, a regular on BBC Radio 4, and writes a column for the Times Newspaper. Paul is also a published author with a Times bestseller Follow the Money, How Much Does Britain Cost.


TFA005 Your Pension Money, Jeremy Hunt’s Mansion House Speech, Stock Market News with Chris Boxall

Today’s episode is the start of a new podcast series discussing where your pension money is going starting with the recent proposals by Jeremy Hunt at the Mansion House speech. Should pension savers and private investors be concerned about this proposal to direct billions of pension money towards UK small caps and unlisted companies? What will it mean for pension savers and private investors?

Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard

ILT003 How To Analyse Companies For Long Term Investing with Judith & Rosemary | Part Three

In part three of this six-part series, Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard share how they analyse companies for long term investing. Starting right at the beginning sharing how they go from a universe of thousands of companies to a few hundred and then to a small watch list. This was another great insight into how two seasoned fund managers think and how they view investing for the long term.

Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard

ILT002 | Finding an Investing Strategy that Suits You, Value vs Growth, Quality Investing, UK vs Global & Investing at IPO, with Judith & Rosemary | Part Two

In part two of this six-part series, Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard share their investing style and their investment philosophies. They discuss the importance of finding an investing strategy that suits your personality and the resources to help you discover yours. For example, Rosemary shares how her everyday habits fit her investing style as a quality investor. They discuss value investing vs growth investing and share their thoughts on investing at IPO, how dividends fit into their investment philosophy and investing in the UK vs the global market.

Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard

ILT001 | Investing For The Long Term with Judith & Rosemary: Part One of an Investors Journey

Join Judith and Rosemary as they peel back the veil and share their guiding principles and experiences from careers spanning multiple decades in the finance industry as investment fund managers. In this first part of a six-part series, Judith, and Rosemary share how they got started in finance and some of their experiences as women in finance.This was a real insight into two seasoned fund managers and what it was like for them in their early careers during the late 80s and early 90s.


TFA004 Are UK Shares Cheap Right Now or One of The Worst Places to Invest?

Today’s episode is less about individual companies and more about the wider investing concerns around UK PLC and what could be done to help the UK become more attractive for individual investors and more attractive for companies to list here. Chris covers a wide range of concerns and solutions that could help improve conditions for investors, and the companies that list here.


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