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FYR045 How the Role of a Financial Planner has Evolved with Anthony Villis


Antony Villis is a charted financial planner, certified wealth manager, and qualified financial coach and mentor. Anthony shares how the role of a financial planner has evolved over the last decade.

Some of the topics we will be discussing are evidence-based investing, the Monte Carlo simulation, and how the role of a financial planner has evolved to meet the modern demands of planning for retirement.

Anthony is the managing director of First Wealth, a financial planning firm based in London he co-founded with his business partner in 2009.


0:00 to 1:27 Introduction.

1:28 to 4:18 Anthony Villis experience and journey in financial planning, and MD of First Wealth.

4:19 to 5:19 Focusing on the client.

5:20 to 9:50 What does a financial planner do for you.

9:51 to 14:05 Coaching clients through the wealth-building and retirement journey.

14:05 to 15:50 The three key points Anthony uses when creating a financial plan.  

15:51 to 18:35 Saving using pensions and ISA’s, keep it simple to begin with.

18:36 to 23:00 Using an evidence-based investing strategy.

23:01 to 29:00 Busting myths around financial planners and advisers.

29:01 to 30:08 Closing thoughts and wrap up.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.

The FYR team.

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Disclaimer: This presentation is for educational purposes only. All opinions and information are for demonstrational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Trading and investing carries a high level of risk and are not right for everyone. If you need financial advice, consult with a regulated financial adviser in your country before making any decisions.