Mark Simpson
Bruce Packard

Hosted by Mark Simpson & Bruce Packard

VTP003 Mark & Bruce Discuss UK Small to Mid-Caps, Inflation & Fully Invested vs Cash


Bruce Packard and Mark Simpson discuss a hand full of UK small to mid-cap companies including a recent addition to Bruce’s portfolio; Hargreaves Lansdown (HL).

Bruce and Mark also discuss the investment potential of Abrdn (ABDN), iEnergizer (IBPO), Kape Technologies (KAPE), Quarto Group (QRT) and Superdry (SDRY).

Other key topics:

Whether it’s better to be in cash or fully invested?

When will inflation peak and the surge in demand for money market funds?

Terry Smith’s banned words and phrases.

Discussing placings and right issues; are they buying opportunities or something to avoid?


Join private investors Mark Simpson, Bruce Packard, Roland Head and Maynard Paton as they discuss their shares, portfolios, and the markets in a mix of healthy debates, lively conversations, and in-depth discussions. You can also submit your questions for the hosts to answer on The Investors Round Table Podcast.

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1:30 Discussing whether it’s better to be in cash or fully invested.

5:37 Discussing inflation and its impact on the share market.

7:10 Outflows from US banks and Credit Suisse.

7:45 Discussing the rising demand for money market funds.

8:15 Discussing the investment potential of Hargreaves Lansdown (HL).

12:45 Discussing the investment potential of Abrdn (ABDN).

13:50 Terry Smith banned words and phrases.

15:50 Discussing the investment potential of Abrdn (ABDN).

17:30 Interactive Investors, broker research tools and broker execution.

20:50 Companies that use buzzwords as a way of distracting investors.

22:50 Private equity taking over UK small caps.

25:00 Companies deciding to de-list such as iEnergizer (IBPO).

27:10 Discussing the current situation with Kape Technologies (KAPE).

28:20 Discussing Quarto Group (QRT) the book publishing company.

33:00 Discussing the investment potential of Superdry (SDRY)

37:00 Closing thoughts and wrap up.

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Disclaimer: This presentation is for educational purposes only. All opinions and information are for demonstrational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Trading and investing carries a high level of risk and are not right for everyone. If you need financial advice, consult with a regulated financial adviser in your country before making any decisions.

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