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TFA002 Chris Boxall: Three UK-micro Caps To Watch


Chris Boxall discusses three UK micro-caps Anexo (ANX), Time Finance (TIME), and PCI-PAL (PCIP) to keep a close eye on.

All three companies are growing but do have areas of concern that are holding the share price back; if they were to resolve these areas of concern then these three companies would become much more attractive.

Chris also shares some red flags to look for when analysing companies such as the Relevance/Significance of senior management remuneration for small caps. Company example Character Group (CCT) which also updated recently. Large companies get the headlines, but, in terms of shareholder return, it’s actually far more relevant for small caps, management needs to paid to arrive, not to travel!

Key topics covered:

  1. The latest inheritance tax news.
  2. Small caps, Anexo (ANX), Time Finance (TIME), PCI-PAL (PCIP) and Volvere (VLE).
  3. Red flags for investors to look out for.
  4. Big contracts for small companies – can they execute and deliver?
  5. Company examples are Eneraqua Technologies (ETP) and SRT Marine Systems (SRT) 
  6. The significance of senior management remuneration packages for small caps.


1:00 Discussing the latest inheritance tax news (IHT).

3:35 Discussing Anexo (ANX).

7:35 Chris thoughts on EBITDA and the use of adjusted EBITDA.

8:45 Discussing Time Finance (TIME).

10:10 Discussing PCI-PAL (PCIP).

11:30 Discussing the significance of senior management remuneration packages.

16:15 Discussing big contracts for small companies and whether they can deliver.

18:35 Closing thoughts and wrap up.

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