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PIP006 FTSE Small-Cap Review: City of London Investment’s 9% Yield (CLIG)


PIP006 FTSE Small-Cap Review: City of London Investment’s 9% Yield (CLIG)

This time Maynard Paton and Mark Atkinson review FTSE Small-Cap City of London Investment and the investment potential of fund managers.

Maynard shares why he owns the City of London Investment and covers in detail why he started buying the City of London Investment, what CLIG does, attending the recent City of London AGM and what Maynard thinks about their current situation and future growth potential. Is it a further buy, a hold or a sell?

  • Maynard’s recent CLIG purchase and history of ownership.
  • A lack of capital gains, but superb dividends and 9% yield.
  • Where CLIG stands in Maynard’s portfolio now.
  • How does CLIG invest for its clients?
  • Maynard’s AGM attendance and previously receiving a letter from CLIG’s founder.
  • Major shareholder George Karpus and his future plans.
  • Performance of Karpus Investment Management following the merger.
  • Regular client income, but fees being squeezed.
  • Employee remuneration versus client returns.
  • The share-price KPI and potential double-digit returns.
  • CLIG’s team investment approach and employee retention.
  • History of funds under management and recent client-money inflows.
  • The S&P 500, institutional ‘allocators’ and portfolio ‘buckets’.
  • The attractions of emerging markets and potential for outperformance.
  • Private investors holding CLIG and liking cash-rich income stocks.
  • The 33p per share dividend, valuation comparison with Liontrust and closing thoughts.

Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day.

Maynard & Mark

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