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ILT005 Our Best and Worst Performers with Judith Mackenzie & Rosemary Banyard | Part 5


In part five of this ever growing eight-part series, Judith Mackenzie and Rosemary Banyard share the highs and lows of a fund managers investments as they each break down the investments that performed better than expected and the investments that didn’t work out as they expected resulting in total loss of capital.

Key topics covered:

  • Discussing the companies that didn’t work out, as well as they expected.
  • Discussing the companies that exceeded their expectations?
  • This was another great insight into how two seasoned fund managers think and how they view investing for the long term.

Each episode of this now eight-part series builds on the next as they walk you through an investor’s journey.

If you have ever wondered what a fund manager does, how they think, the types of investments they look for and what led them to pursue careers in finance and investing? Then you’re in the right place, join Judith and Rosemary as they peel back the veil and share their guiding principles and experiences from careers spanning multiple decades in the finance industry as investment fund managers.

In the previous episode, Judith and Rosemary shared how to cultivate the mindset of a long-term investor including their experiences of investing through recessions, you can listen to it here:


2:00 Judith shares an investment that resulted in a total loss of capital and the reasons why.

9:45 Rosemary shares an investment that went out of business and the reasons why.

15:45 Judith shares a company that has performed exceptionally and the reasons why.

22:30 Rosemary shares a company that is performing well for her now and the reasons why.

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a wonderful day.

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