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FYR034 Paul Belanger shares his investing and saving philosophy that took him to financial independence


Paul Belanger shares his investing philosophy and journey that took him to financial independence at the age of fifty. Paul is a chemical engineer by profession, and he retired at the age of 50, having achieved financial independence, through saving and investing, giving himself freedom of choice.

Paul Belanger explains his background and what led him to take a deep dive into investing and economic theory, and how he differs from the mainstream conventions, and the actionable steps you can take to start your journey to financial independence.

Paul’s view on independence is the freedom to choose regardless of one’s circumstances, if you want to keep working, keep working. If you want to start a business, volunteer your time, the choice belongs to you.

He explains the importance of balancing one’s portfolio and believes an optimum portfolio is one with 65% stocks and 35% gold. This approach seems to give the best overall balance for good returns while minimizing risks. It’s also important to periodically rebalance these portfolios to maintain that ratio.

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0:00 to 1:20 Introduction.

1:21 to 5:48 Paul’s investing journey, from chemical engineer to achieving independence.

5:49 to 10:10 Paul’s saving and investing philosophy that took from point A to point B.

10:11 to 13:20 How you can cut your working career down by saving and investing.

13:21 to 18:05 Developing the discipline to stick with the plan.

18:06 to 22:25 Paul’s portfolio blend and why Paul uses gold as part of his investing strategy.

22:26 to 26:05 Understating the importance of the correlation between assets when investing.

26:06 to 30:19 Paul explains how he divides his investing phases depending on the desired outcome.

30:20 to 33:40 How Paul mitigates risk and fear of the future.

33:41 to 41:10 How you can get started on the road of building wealth.

41:11 to 44:05 How you can learn more about Paul, and were to follow and connect.

44:06 to 45:16 Closing remarks and wrap up.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.

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