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FYR 010: Business Consultant Hywel Discusses Business Planning, Online Networking, and Business Start-Up


Hywel is the founder of APD resolutions, a business consultancy firm supporting business owners with operational and business decisions.
Hywel started his career working in the oil and gas business, working in Saudi Arabia in 1980, working on large multi-million-pound projects. Hywel spent many years, organising large teams, attending high-level board meetings, and ensuring these multi-million-pound projects were delivered on time and within budget.
Hywel left Saudi and the oil and gas business in 2016, taking his immense knowledge, specialising in business strategy, business planning, and business analysis for small to medium-sized companies and start-ups.

▸0:00 to 2:00 Introduction.
▸2:01 to 3:20 Why Hywel left the Oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia.
▸3:21 to 4:45 Hywel’s journey and experience in the oil and gas business.
▸4:46 to 9:00 The importance of knowing your numbers in business and understanding the financials.
▸9:01 to 13:05 Struggling businesses and the impact of Covid-19 on the business environment.
▸13:06 to 14:20 Creating a business plan with targets for the remainder of 2020.
▸14:21 to 17:00 Creating opportunities via online networking.
▸17:01 to 20:40 Transition to being more online.
▸20:41 to 22:50 What a foundational analysis for a business is.
▸22:51 to 24:25 How the foundational analysis works for a new business.
▸24:26 to 26:08 The main area of concern Hywel finds in his client’s businesses and how he solves that problem for his own clients. 
▸26:09 to 28:02 The single question Hywel would like people to ask him more often.
▸28:03 to 30:14 Wrap up.

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