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Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on quality and good management

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Host of The Fundamental Asset Podcast focused on IHT planning and UK small-caps

Roland Head

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on reliable dividends and value

Bruce Packard

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and value.

Lee Cleasby

Host of The Fund Your Retirement Podcast focused on bringing you experts in finance

Mark Simpson

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and deep value.

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FYR053 Simplifying Financial Advice with Neil Young

Neil believes in simplifying financial advice, transparency, and putting the client first. During this podcast conversation. Neil has a wide range of clients from as young as their early 20s to late 80s and believes that obtaining regulated advice should be available for all. Neil Young is an independent financial adviser in the UK.


FYR051 Mark Atkinson on Becoming a Self-Directed Private Investor

Mark Atkinson is a self-directed private investor who achieved financial independence at the young age of 53. Mark shares what sparked his earliest interest in the stock market. How he screens for stocks, how long he holds them through the good and the bad times and shares his insights over his 30 years of experience investing in the stock market.


FYR049 What are NFTs with Sam Kamani

Sam Kamani is back with us to talk about NFTs, such as, what are NFTs, how do they work and how can you get involved and how can value what an NFT project is worth. NFTs had been the best-performing digital asset class in 2021. Sam shares why he believes the market for NFTs will exponentially grow over the next few years.


FYR047 What is Defi with Ben Knaus and Theodore Zipoy

What is Defi, what is yield farming, what are Dapps, what are Daos, and what are stable coins are just some of the questions that today’s expert guests answer, Ben Knaus and Ted Theodore. This episode promises to open this new digital asset space that has the potential to completely change so many areas of our lives.


FYR044 How to Retire and Enjoy Yourself with Chip Stites

Chip Stites is a Retired Investment Advisor and a Retired Certified Financial Planner from the US helping people reframe what retirement means so they can enjoy a happy and fulfilling retirement. You may be surprised that many do struggle to make that transition both mentally and financially as you will hear from Chip.


FYR042 Investing in commodities with Simon Popple

Simon Popple believes commodities should be a core component of every investor’s portfolio, because one, you can’t print them and two, they are the raw components that make the things we use in our daily lives. This will be the first of a two-part interview with Simon Introducing investors to commodities – so they can diversify their portfolio and retire earlier.


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