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FYR041 Will the Fed Trigger a Market Crash in 2022 with Meir Velenski


Meir Velenski financial markets expert and Lee Cleasby take a deep dive into current market events, such as Inflation, Federal Reserve tapering, interest rate hikes, and what does it all mean. Will the federal reserve trigger a market crash in 2022?

Meir started his career in the city of London as a Eurobond Trader and an Options Trader and quickly developed into an expert on Financial Markets, working for multiple European financial firms during his career.

Can the markets remain elevated with the fed tapering and raising rates at the same time?

0:00 to 2:25 Introduction.

2:25 to 3:01 Key topics covered in the episode.

3:02 to 5:15 Meir’s journey, background, and experience.

5:00 to 7:55 Macro picture of the global economy.

7:56 to 10:04 The effects of money printing on asset prices.

10:04 to 12:59 The effects of the fed tapering on the global economy.

13:10 to 16:10 Will the fed trigger a recession period?

16:10 to 18:50 Correlation of raising rates and recessions.

18:51 to 20:10 Implications for people on fixed income.

20:11 to 21:35 The correlation of the federal fund balance sheet and the S&P500

21:36 to 24:03 Will the fed engage in more QE if a recession happens this year?

24:05 to 26:00 What can investors do to protect themselves?

26:01 to 27:35 Where to follow Meir and wrap up

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.

The FYR team.