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FYR031 How to Build a Business into a High-Value Saleable Asset


Bharat Kanodia has appraised over 2000 businesses and signed off on assets worth $2.6 trillion in value. 

In this episode, Bharat shares his insights on how to build a business into a high-value saleable asset.

He has appraised unique assets like Atlanta Airport, Uber, Airbnb, Yahoo!, and the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, among many others. Bharat is the Founder of Veristrat, a company that helps start-up founders and VCs by telling them what their companies are worth. 

Timestamps as follows:

0:00 to 1:10 Introduction.

1:11 to 2:21 How Bharat got started valuing businesses and assets.

2:22 to 3:30 Bharat explains what a business is worth.

3:31 to 5:35 How a business owner can maximise the value of their business.

5:36 to 7:02 How you can tell if you are off track when trying to maximise the value in your business.

7:03 to 8:03 Bharat’s valuation of the Eiffel tower.

8:04 to 9:25 What do VC’s (venture capital) look for in a start-up.

9:26 to 10:08 What do VC’s look for in a start-up founder.

10:09 to 11:50 What should a founder ask for from VC’s.

11:51 to 13:29 How to negotiate with VCs so you can create a win, win deal.

13:30 to 15:00 Bharat’s advice on how to build a business into a high-value saleable asset.

15:01 to 15:39 Wrap up

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