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Hosted by Lee Cleasby

FYR 026: Ethereum and Gold Price Prediction


Mike and Lee discuss some bold price predictions for Ethereum and gold, with supporting research and analysis including the key price levels to watch.

Mike also shares his thoughts on why he is so bullish on Ethereum. Why Gold has been falling, and more importantly, when the turn to the upside may come for gold.

It’s an information-packed episode we hope you enjoy.

Timestamps as follows:

▸0:00 to 1:20 Introduction.
▸1:21 to 4:40 Why gold is dropping in price and when will it turn up.
▸4:41 to 6:00 The gold vs bitcoin debate
▸6:01 to 10:30 The impact of treasury bonds, and interest rates on the gold price.
▸10:31 to 11:50 The key price levels for gold and price targets
▸11:51 to 13:15 Ethereum price target
▸13:16 to 15:25 Reasons for Ethereum price target
▸15:26 to 17:50 A warning on Crypto volatility
▸17:51 to 18:59 Reviewing the bitcoin price prediction form under $12,000 to now.
▸19:00 to 21:03 Closing remarks and wrap-up.

Have a wonderful day.
The FYR team.