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Introducing Mark Atkinson

Mark is the co-host of The Private Investor's Podcast and a full-time investor. Mark started investing in shares in 1984 and has been actively building his substantial portfolio since leaving the 9-5 working at 53

meet Mark atkinson

Mark has been investing for over 35 years and over this duration has taken the journey from it being a keen side interest to a full time concern.  

Mark considers businesses across the UK stock market spectrum from blue chip FTSE100 through to AIM Small Cap. that will provide better than average returns over the long term. Key characteristics are businesses with high barriers to entry together with some element of structural tailwind.  

Mark is an investor as opposed to trader and endeavours to keep his dealing to a minimum. Not only does this control broker fees, stamp duty and spread prices that effect the performance of a portfolio over the long term, but also assists in clearly focusing on each and every investment decision.    

learn from marks interviews on the FYR podcast and his investing journey

Mark Atkinson on Becoming a Self-Directed Private Investor

Mark Atkinson: How do you know if you are cut out to be a private investor?


The private investor's podcast

PIP003 AIM Listed Small-Cap Share Review Somero (SOM)

Welcome to The Private Investor’s Podcast. This time Maynard and Mark’s review of AIM listed small-cap Somero Enterprises (SOM) and the investment potential of concrete levelling machines. Mark first bought Somero (SOM) in April 2016 adding a further nine purchases making it one of the largest holdings in his portfolio. Somero Enterprises is a US domiciled company listed on the UK AIM share market that specialises in concrete levelling machines for large warehouses, fulfilment centres, large factories and data centres. The question is; what does the future hold for Somero?

The private investor's podcast

PIP002 UK Small-Cap Share Review Tristel (TSTL)

Welcome to The Private Investor’s Podcast. This time we review UK small-cap Tristel (TSTL) and the investment potential of medical cleaning wipes and disinfectants. Maynard bought Tristel in 2013, while Mark bought it in 2017. Both Mark and Maynard recently attended Tristel’s shareholders’ Open Day learning key insights about the potential growth of the company. The question is; do we buy more, hold or sell our holdings?

The private investor's podcast

PIP001 UK Small-Cap Share Review Photo-Me

Welcome to the first episode of The Private Investor’s Podcast. The podcast where keen stock pickers, Mark Atkinson, and Maynard Paton talk about managing their share portfolios. Mark began buying shares in 1984, and Maynard started in 1993, this time we cover UK small-cap cover Photo-ME and the investment potential of passport photos and self-service washing machines.


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