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Maynard Paton

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on quality and good management

Chris Boxall

Host of The Fundamental Asset Podcast focused on IHT planning and UK small-caps

Roland Head

Host of The Private Investors Podcast focused on reliable dividends and value

Bruce Packard

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and value.

Lee Cleasby

Host of The Fund Your Retirement Podcast focused on bringing you experts in finance

Mark Simpson

Host of The Value Trapped Podcast focused on quality and deep value.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

TFA002 Chris Boxall: Three UK-micro Caps To Watch

Chris Boxall discusses three UK micro-caps Anexo (ANX), Time Finance (TIME), and PCI-PAL (PCIP) that could take off. All three companies are growing but do have areas of concern that are holding the share price back; if they were to resolve these areas of concern then these three companies would become much more attractive. Chris also shares some red flags to look for when analysing companies such as the Relevance/Significance of senior management remuneration for small caps.


PIP012 Maynard & Roland Discuss UK Housing Market Behemoth Bellway (BWY); Are Bellway Shares a Good Buy?

This time Maynard Paton and Roland Head discuss UK housing market behemoth Bellway (BWY) and whether Bellway shares are a good buy right now. Roland has recently purchased Bellway shares at £17.00. Roland shares in detail the reasoning why he bought Bellway covering the long track record of the dividends, the 6% yield annualized, no debt with cash in the bank, and the outlook for the UK housing market. As always, Maynard forensically examines the annual reports and the financials.


TFA001 Chris Boxall Discusses UK Small-Caps, Portfolio Management & Inheritance Tax Planning

Welcome to the first episode of The Fundamental Asset Podcast where Chris Boxall will help you navigate and interpret the UK equity market with a particular focus on AIM. Whether it’s company-specific news, market-wide news, or timely market topics, Chris will share his wisdom and experience from his 30+ years as a fund manager and from the perspective of a private investor. Key topics for the first episode: UK small caps, RWS Holdings, Learning Technologies, Numis, iEnergizer ,portfolio management, letting your winners run vs taking profits, inheritance tax planning and dividends from AIM companies.

Private Investors Podcast

PIP011 Maynard & Roland Discuss a Family-Run Business With No Debt, Which Has Increased Dividends for 45 Years

This time Maynard Paton and Roland Head discuss UK small-cap James Halstead (JHD), which is a family-run business with no debt, is cash-rich and has increased dividends for 45 years straight. As with any company, nothing is perfect and there are concerns that Maynard and Roland discuss during this excellent breakdown of James Halstead and the investment potential of vinyl floor coverings.


FYR070 Mark Bentley Shares His Best and Worst Investments From His 30+ Years as a Private Investor

Mark Bentley has been a full-time stock market investor since 2004, having pursued investing as a rewarding hobby for 20 years previously. Some of the stand-out talking points were Mark shares in detail some of his best investments and how he came across them. Some of Mark’s worst investments and what he learnt from them. Two stocks Mark has high hopes for today and the reasons why and why does 60% of Mark’s portfolio consist of investment companies?

Value Trapped Podcast

VTP002 Mark & Bruce Discuss The Computer Gaming Industry, TP ICAP, Investment Research and Share Insights

Mark Simpson and Bruce Packard discuss one of the stand-out companies for Mark last year, TP ICAP (TCAP), whether the gaming industry is a value play or value trap covering Team 17 (TM17) and Tiny Build (TBLD). Are companies trading at cash or just below good companies to buy right now? Mark shares the latest addition to his stock portfolio Luceco (LUCE) and weaved into the conversation are many more insights covering portfolio management, psychological biases and the challenges facing investors given the rising interest rate environment.

Private Investors Podcast

PIP010 Share Review of ITV and The Investment Potential of Commercial Television

This time Maynard Paton and Roland Head discuss ITV and the investment potential of commercial television. Roland owns ITV making his first purchase in 2019 with subsequent purchases in 2020. Roland believes ITV is currently undervalued, making the case that the market is undervaluing the studio side of the business and that ITV’s shift to digital streaming is actually going much better than they are being credited for. This Combined with a 6% yield makes it an attractive position for Roland’s dividend-producing portfolio. Is Maynard convinced, or has Roland missed something that could change his mind?

Value Trapped Podcast

VTP001 Mark & Bruce Discuss The Banking Crisis, SVB, Sylvania Platinum, Arcontech, Portfolio Management & Share Tips

Welcome to The Value Trapped Podcast, the podcast where private investors Bruce Packard and Mark Simpson discuss the UK small to mid-cap share market, including shares they own as well as shares they probably shouldn’t own. Weaved into the conversation will be insightful nuggets of information on portfolio management, stock analysis and the macro landscape for the UK share market.


FYR069 UK Small-Cap Investing With Fund Manager Chris Boxall

Chris shares some of his best investments in the last 20 years, which he still holds to this day, and weaved throughout the conversation a handful of companies he has high hopes for presently. Chris Boxall is the co-founder, and the director of Fundamental Asset Management with primary responsibility for equity research and management of client portfolios, including the high-performing AIM portfolio services. Chris specialises in UK small-cap investing with over 20 years of experience operating in this area as a fund manager and as a private investor.

Private Investors Podcast

PIP009 Share Review of Telecom Plus and The Income Opportunity of Utility Warehouse

This time Maynard Paton and Roland Head discuss Telecom Plus (TEP) and the income potential of Utility Warehouse. Telecom Plus (TEP) has a long history of increasing dividends with a forecast of a 4% yield for this year which could rise to 6% in the coming years, based on company projections. Telecom Plus was founded in 1996 and is now an FTSE 250 company with a revenue of £967.4 million in 2022, an operating profit of £50.9 million and a market cap of 1.5 billion. As always, Maynard and Roland discuss the finer details of Telecom Plus, what the future holds for Telecom Plus and whether this method of selling utilities is a sustainable method for the next 10 to 20 years.


FYR068 Bruce Packard Top Five Holdings and Current High Convictions

Bruce Packard talks about the advantages amateur investors have over professionals and how he believes amateurs can outperform most Professional fund managers, he talks about his top five holdings, his latest current high-conviction positions, his biggest investing mistakes, and much more. Bruce regularly writes for share pad, money week and his blog site Bruce


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