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Introducing Chip Stites

Retired Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Retired Certified Financial Planner®.

Chip focuses on helping people have a financially secure retirement through dividend investing.

meet chip Stites

Chip is a retired investment advisor, a retired financial planner who managed $100 million personally and $800 million as part of a team during his 40-year career in financial services. Chip now uses his vast expertise in financial planning, portfolio management, and his love of the markets to show people how to be more effective with the money they have saved and how to enjoy the best years of their lives.

Chip is the founder of The Laughing Retirement and is regularly invited to speak at the international living convention. Chip now manages his retirement portfolio from beautiful Italy where he retired with his wife Shona in 2018.



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learn from CHip

Chip helps people reframe what retirement means so you can enjoy a happy and fulfilled retirement.

Chip, a retired financial adviser shares his six-step process of how he selects dividend-paying stocks for his retirement portfolio.

recent blogs by chip stites

Stocks are Quite Overextended, but…

Given this short-term uncertainty, a logical question arises: “how much of my portfolio should I keep in cash?” This is an excellent question and one that can be informed by some mathematical evaluation. I say “informed” because mathematical models cannot precisely predict the future. They can, however, help guide our decision-making. Today I am going to discuss how I view the cash vs. stocks decision. I’m going to leave out the discussion of gold (for now). The benefit of this article to you should be to give you some ideas of a general framework you can use to shape your own decision-making.

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Generating Low Risk Returns in a Zero Interest Rate World

How to generate safe returns in a world where it seems the central banks want to push us into risky assets. I think you’ll agree with me that with a little creativity some decent inflation-busting returns can be generated without risking taking a bath in the next bear market in stocks or real estate crisis (without a doubt the next crisis is coming, we just can’t predict when or how severe).

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Which is Better, Massive Diversification or High Dividend?

In this post, I am going to compare the results of withdrawal policies applied to two different portfolios consisting of equities and gold. The first portfolio will center around one of the largest positions in my portfolio, VYM, which is the Vanguard ETF that tracks the FTSE US High Dividend Yield Index.

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