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Global Currency and Commodity Investing Mini-Series

Welcome to this podcast mini-series on currency and commodity investing presented by Lee Cleasby and featuring special guest, fund manager Mike Andrews

Currency Investing and Fund Management
with Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews is the founder of Traders Temple Capital and Asset Management, specialising in global currencies, and commodities. Mike worked his way up the ranks working on a trading floor in Dubai, becoming a trading floor manager with $50 million under management.

Mike then moved back to his home country of Cyprus joining the start-up team building the FX brokerage, FX Pro. He then moved to London, working in the city at SAXO bank, where he became heavily involved in algorithmic trading. Mike left Saxo bank in 2014 to build his own fund, and fund management team.

Currency Investing Basics Part One

Currency investing basics, part one has been created to expand your Financial IQ covering the basic principles of investing in the foreign exchange markets.

As with any free market, the basic premise is supply and demand; when an abundance of investors buys a currency, a shortage of the currency is created, increasing the value and price. When they sell a currency, an oversupply is created, causing the demand for the currency to decrease, suppressing its price and value.

The first step is to think of trading and investing as a business, and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. There is no short cut.

Currency Investing the Fundamentals Part Two

Part two of this mini-series on currency investing will be covering:

• The size of the currency markets and the meaning of market liquidity.
• Who uses the currency markets and why?
• The fundamentals and how they impact currency valuation.

Currency Investing the Mindset and Psychology Part Three

Part three of this mini-series on currency investing,  will be covering, how the brain learns and can be re-wired with new skills, habit, and behaviours, thinking in probability analysis, and the four key traits to foster success in the markets.

The understanding of why the currency markets move is obviously of paramount importance. Still, too many
people jump into the trap of thinking about much money they are going to make instead of understanding what they are doing it first.

Currency Investing with Fund Manager Mike Andrews

Mike joins the show for our monthly update on the capital markets. Join us as we take a deep dive into gold, and the rise of the crypto currencies and the move towards the digital economy.

How to Analyse the Currency Markets Part Four

How to analyse the currency markets, part four of this mini-series on currency investing.  Covering, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and seasonality.

Currency Investing Risk Management & Money Management Part Five

Part five of this mini-series on currency investing, and quite possibly the most important one of them all, risk management also known as money management.

Quite simply, money management in currency investing describes the various aspects of managing the amount of money you risk and the return on investment you make.

If you don’t fully understand the implications of money management as well as how to implement money management techniques, you should not be investing, period.

Currency Investing Strategy and Methodology Part Six

Part six of this mini-series on strategy and methodology in currency investing. According to google a strategy
simply means a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. A strategy in the world of currency investing is a process of buying and selling financial instruments based on a predefined set of rules. A methodology means a system of methods used in particular area of study or activity. A methodology in the world of currency investing is the approach or combination of approaches you use to study the markets, examples being, Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis, Seasonality, Sentiment, Day trading, Position trading or swing trading. 

Part Seven Brokers and How to Access the Currency Markets

Part seven of this mini-series on currency investing. 
How to select a broker and how to access the currency markets. During this episode, the focus is on the different ways to access the global currency markets, and how to select the right broker that suits your needs.
We will be covering: Options, Futures, Exchange-Traded Funds also known as ETFs, Spot Forex, spread betting, and how to select a broker that best suits you.

Gold & Bitcoin Investing with Fund Manager Mike Andrews

Fund manager Mike Andrews joins us for our monthly update on the global currencies and commodity markets. Covering current events such as the upcoming US elections, Gold analysis, US dollar analysis, and investing in the current environment.

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